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So here it begins.........

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Back, many moons ago (far too many to remember actually), I had a dream to be a photographer and run my own business. I have always loved taking images and have learnt all of my skills through endless hours of You Tube videos and practice. I am creative by nature and photography allowed me to explore this and pacified my thirst for technology and geekiness.

I borrowed my friends DSLR camera and took it for a spin at my local park. I was sucked into the world of f stops and shutter speeds, depths of field and all things camera!!

In 2013 (the last time I can remember heavy snow) I was out sledging with my son and we met some friends on the hill. I had taken my camera with me and I fired off about 30 images of the kids sledging.

I sent the images to my friend and he loved the images so much that he said that he would pay for them. (I didnt charge him...) however , little did I know that that was day 1 of Beth Gourlay Photography.

7 years later I have had the honour of taking countless images of children, adults, animals, products, events, dance shows, weddings......each experience different and challenging.

My life took a slight detour for a couple of years as I turned my attention to ecming a qualified Teaching assistant and Activator for DNA Light Up and my photogrpahy business took a back seat.

Scroll forward to 2020.....yes the year I believe none of us will ever forget.

Small businesses have suffered and some through all the adersity, have flourished. I stayed home bound for 13 weeks and home schooled my son whilst learning new skills and doing some work for DNA Light Up.

I have always enjoyed the moving picture and also animation so it didnt surprise me that I turned my hand to video infomercials. With new software learnt and utilised I have completed a series of videos for the Young Ligths Programme and and a Covid Regulations infomercial for NMC Surfacing.

I have used my time over lockdown to learn new video skills and editing programmes.

All businesses have to start somewhere and mine started 7 years is evolving and through some personal development coaching and some incredibly supportive people, I have been inspired to relaunch my company as Spirit Tiger Media. My original photogrpahy business with the inclusion of videography. Its exciting and daunting in equal measures. I aim to blog about my adventures, my inevitable ups and downs and hopefully document the journey as it unfolds.

My aim is to create a business that is personal, bespoke and affordable for all businesses and families.

I have a unique take on life, I view things from alternative angles and through great communication and idea swapping I believe I can complete any brief given to me...........

So here it begins........ are you coming along with me?

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